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A servant leader to the engineering and cyber industry, a cyber big sister, and a self-defense confidence boost coach.

My Cyber Web Journey

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With over 12 years in the cybersecurity and engineering realm, I've explored the corporate space of Security Operation Center, Global Security Research & Development, DevSecOps, Software Supply Chain Security, and Open Source Software.

I spent my time coaching kids in Martial Arts and Bully Prevention through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practices, as well as train to progress my own Blue Belt journey. 


I'm a Co-Founder of LatinasInCyber OrganizationCo-Founder of WiT Network: Women in Software Engineering (WiT Wise) community group, and actively participate in engineering and cyber security in South Florida.

Don't be surprise in you find me building out a new Lego set to add to my Lego wall!

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